About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to BodyFit Geek. My name is Olivia Brennan and I am a pharmacology student in Dublin.

I decided to start this blog as I feel my knowledge of health and fitness could benefit others in trying to achieve their goals of leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. As I have said, I am not a nutritionist or Personal trainer, but I have had the opportunity to work with people who have helped me get to where I am and improve my body shape and health.

My interest in health and fitness became crucial when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis this time last year. I knew I had to cut out many different food groups and to do this needed to educate myself about nutrients and essential amino acids. I began researching about what to avoid and landed upon the glory that is Bodybuilding.com. I found other people who shared this chronic disease and yet were capable of entering competitions in body building. I was inspired to become stronger and overcome UC, so whenever I felt tired or sore I just pushed myself harder and harder.

One year later, I feel healthier, stronger & happier. I have reached goals I never thought I could achieve and this is all thanks to weight lifting and completely transforming my diet. I have not looked back since and I urge you to do the same!

I am a student and know how busy it can be to try and juggle assignments with exams, work and time for you to relax. I think making time for exercise is imperative for your mental health along with physical health. Working out should be seen as time for you, and you should not dread this. Once you start, I promise you will feel the best you ever had. I have helped close family and friends to do this and they have urged me to share my tips and sessions with others.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy my blog!


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