7 Day Ab Challenge!



I have put together a nice little ab/arm challenge to throw into the end of your workout, just to push you over the edge <3 You’ll feel leaner, look leaner & be satisfied with every workout!


The mean 15

15 burpees

15 spider planks

15 V ups

15 oblique crunches with kettle bell (maintain a neutral back)

15 alternating crunch hand-toe taps (lying on your back)


Plenty of twenties

20 Hanging leg raises

20 Side to side bench jumps

20 TRX pikes

20 Push ups

20 mountain climbers


My ultimate favourite

10 Jump knee tuck-into press up

50 mountain climbers

20 scissors

1 minute plank

20 Reverse crunch on bench

12 oblique pulses with kettle bells (neutral back)



15 squat jump twists

20 alternating lunge jumps

20 burpees into push ups

20 elevated toe taps

20 box jumps


Squeeze please

20 Elbows to hand plank

30 second side plank (per sides)

15 elevated push ups

15 elevated mountain climbers


Full belly blast

10  ab roll outs

20 alternate heel touches

20 bottoms up

12 ‘’Standing cable wood chops’’ both sides ( I use 13.5kg)

20 Decline sit ups with plate (10kg is what I use)


The final sweat

10 weighted burpees

20 leg raises on bench

20 scissors

15 spiderman push ups


If you manage to do complete this, I promise you’ll feel the benefits,


Liv x

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