Getting Started


When beginning to train follow these tips:

1. Get Familiar with equipment

There is nothing more daunting than walking into a gym and not knowing how to use anything! And if you try, you might injure yourself. Everyone starts somewhere.. So ask a member of staff or get a PT to show you!

2. Build yourself up

Just because the girl beside you or your friend can do things.. Doesn’t mean your body is ready yet. So start small & gradually develop your muscles.. You will get there.

3. Do not train the same body part consecutively ( I stress this point)

If you have trained your legs and think you can do it again the next day.. You either haven’t trained them hard enough or you are going to defeat the purpose of training by not allowing the fibres to grow & repair!
Do not do this!!! There is so many areas of the body to target that it’s a struggle to fit them all in during the week.

5. Don’t over train

This is a tricky one because everyone has different gym session lengths. You can fit in a great workout in under forty minutes and you do not need to spend two hours at the gym.

I will be writing a blog “Guide for Beginners” within the week so check back!

Thanks everyone 🙂

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