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Tackle the Christmas Stone



It’s that time of year again, New Year’s resolutions are in close sight and that 2016 body never happened. I will discuss some easy to follow tips so you can avoid the Christmas stone, and set you up for your weight loss journey in 2017.


Be Realistic

If you decide that over the holidays you won’t touch a drink or have desserts and chocolates, you’re only lying to yourself. It is a time to be merry and you’re surrounded by family and friends who can’t get enough Christmas pudding. Decide on a few Christmas nights out that you will limit yourself to 2 drinks and won’t eat something sweet for the night. This is achievable. Making unrealistic decisions only makes you feel lousy that you didn’t stick to them. Relax and enjoy your Christmas without over-indulging.

Set a goal

Decide in advance that you will go for a 30-60 minute walk on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Stephens Day. This is only a small part of your day and can really help you keep on track of your fitness. Bring the family along, make it a tradition. Most likely your local gym is closed, but walking helps you burn lots of calories and you don’t even notice.

Home workout

As your gym is probably closed around the festive time, a home workout can burn just as much fat as any gym workout. Jump squats, burpees, jump lunges, push ups, sprints outside anyone? Try some plyometric work and notice how you can even sweat more than you do in the gym. Don’t know why plyometric training is? Google it. You will not regret. Sweat is fat crying as they say….

Buy a training diary

Grab a cheap planner (or one from paperchase for you stationary lovers) and plan your workouts on a weekly basis. This will keep you on track and help you stay motivated lalala NO REALLY. When its written in front on you, you are more likely to just get it done. If you don’t know how to go about making a workout plan, you can look it up on a number of websites or ask your gym if they create personalised ones (most do). I also have some plans in recent posts and will add to these if you guys want a weekly plan over Christmas.

Caloric intake doesn’t matter as much as diet

If you are only eating 1,000 calories a day, but the source is a take away, you won’t  get any results for all that training you’re doing. If you are putting in so much effort to train and motivate yourself, why throw it away on foods that can’t nourish your body? Think of your body as a machine. If you want it to be able to lift, sprint and look athletic, you have to provide fuel from the right source. You wouldn’t put diesel into a car that needs unleaded , so don’t put junk into your soon to be beach bod (you get the idea). Track your diet and minimise your intake of processed foods.

Christmas Dinner

Try not to grab seconds. This is when your eyes become bigger than your belly and you have three helping of the Christmas dinner as well as all the trimmings. You then retire to the couch and sleep the day away. Try and limit yourself to one helping per sitting and go for a brisk walk to reduce the  food-coma induced bloat. Bloating is normal after you eat as your stomach because your intestines are expanding and contracting to assist digestion, so don’t beat yourself up about a bloated tummy, it goes.



Enjoy the festive season and don’t feel guilty if you miss a few gym sessions and have a bad day or two. You’re only human, after all. The holiday comes once a year, but do not make excuses if you long for a fit and healthy lifestyle. It is a lifestyle, not two weeks of exercise followed by a month as a couch potato watching Netflix. Get up, get moving and get fit.


A healthy body assists a healthy mind. You have to look after yourself in all aspects throughout the year. To be healthy outside, you must be healthy inside and to do this you must love yourself through and through. Merry Christmas Everyone, Best wishes to you all xxxxx

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