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Hey guys, so it has been a while since my last blog. Finals are taking over and the gym is replacing blogging so I have decided to take some time to write an important blog. I usually focus on food ideas and gym exercises but I thought I’d change it up a bit as I have been thinking about this for a while now. Little steps should be taken weekly for you to just have much needed ‘’me time’’. Considering it’s April already, it seems we spend too much time in the fast lane and need to take a moment to look at our overall picture of health. Although I love training and would usually go 6-7 times a week for the past two years, I paid the price and was getting sickness after sickness, living off antibiotics. What people don’t tell you is that yes-lack of exercise is bad for your health, but over exercising puts too much stress on the body, increases cortisol and adrenaline levels and as a result, weakens your immune system. Unfortunately, excessive training causes white blood cells (leukocytes) to sky rocket and the only way to help this is to relax, recharge the batteries and rest. Fitness and healthy lifestyles terms are definitely becoming increasingly popular due to the unlimited social media accounts and celebs who portray a sick free, perfect life with no bumps in the way.. but this is not realistic.  I have set up this blog to promote exercise and nutrition for people to be h e a l t h y.. Not as a means to simply lose weight or have a strict diet. My advice is to simply listen to your body and live life in moderation- that means gym and socializing too. I have now decided that training 4-5 times a week is plenty for me and if I feel tired, I’ll skip the gym- that’s what humans do. The truth is, my body actually looks better now that I am putting it under less stress, and over training can in fact be detrimental to your physique goals.

Be kind to yourself and a few tips that myself and my friends have been following ourselves are; using a facemask once a week, nourishing your skin with pretty damn good moisturizer, lighting candles to relax (pennies have some beauties) and watch a movie, take a yoga class or body balance by LesMilles, drink green tea every day, Have a spa day, purchase probiotics and last but not least, spend time around people who support you, make you laugh and whose company you enjoy the most

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