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Tackling New Year’s Resolutions

New Year Resoloutions

New Year’s resolutions are probably one of the biggest fails I have come across, but why? It is shown that over 90% of people will not stick to their resolution, so aim to be in that 10% of the population that does. First things first, what really is your goal? If you want to lose weight, you need to ask these questions; How much? Why? What to you hope to look like?  If you hope to tone up and lose weight, you need to start lifting! Running and cardio are amazing for your health and decreases the likelihood of illnesses so incorporate this, but the main focus for those of you trying to lose weight and tone up is too put all your energy into lifting those weights. Many people don’t realise that when you run for twenty minutes, you are burning calories for only twenty minutes, but when you lift weights for twenty minutes, you increase your resting metabolic rate which means you will continue to burn calories throughout the rest of your day! It’s a win win!!

  • You need be a visionary here. Create a vision of what you want to look like and think about how you can change your lifestyle to get there.  Once you know how you want to look, make it your screen saver, stick it to your fridge or leave it beside your bed so you don’t stray from your goal!
  • Another key way of sticking to your New Year’s resolution is training with a buddy! It is so much harder to bail on going to the gym if you’ve already told someone you will go with them. You’re not only letting yourself down but your pal too.  You can even decide to do one class a week with a friend and train by yourself on the other days. It is also nice to change up your work out with classes and can help you generate new ideas into your workouts.
  • Change your diet. If you aren’t happy with how you look, you can probably blame the food you eat. You may be eating very little and are still failing to see results. This is down to what is actually in the foods you’re eating. You need to avoid too much sugary foods, and begin building your diet around fats and protein while limiting carb intake!
  • Keep a diary. If you do not schedule your workouts in to a busy 2016, you will more than likely fail to make a change. A diary can be used to write down what foods you have eaten too so you can face the reality that you are not eating as well as you think. That chocolate bar may be small, but the amount of sugar in it is not, so stop hiding behind that baggy jumper and get moving!
  • Start small and aim big. Any exercise is better than nothing. Try walk for at least 30 mins each day and build yourself up to joining a gym. If you can’t afford that, home workouts are a great way to get fit too. Talk to friends about it and get the support you need!

Hope this helps and please email me at with any questions & check out my new Instagram account @BodyfitGeek.


Thanks & Have a healthy 2016



Getting Started


When beginning to train follow these tips:

1. Get Familiar with equipment

There is nothing more daunting than walking into a gym and not knowing how to use anything! And if you try, you might injure yourself. Everyone starts somewhere.. So ask a member of staff or get a PT to show you!

2. Build yourself up

Just because the girl beside you or your friend can do things.. Doesn’t mean your body is ready yet. So start small & gradually develop your muscles.. You will get there.

3. Do not train the same body part consecutively ( I stress this point)

If you have trained your legs and think you can do it again the next day.. You either haven’t trained them hard enough or you are going to defeat the purpose of training by not allowing the fibres to grow & repair!
Do not do this!!! There is so many areas of the body to target that it’s a struggle to fit them all in during the week.

5. Don’t over train

This is a tricky one because everyone has different gym session lengths. You can fit in a great workout in under forty minutes and you do not need to spend two hours at the gym.

I will be writing a blog “Guide for Beginners” within the week so check back!

Thanks everyone 🙂


My 8 week transformation

My 8 Week Transformation

Hi Everyone!

So I’ve completed my 8 week transformation which I decided to do after the summer in Canada. I needed to tone up and lose the excess weight I put on thanks to too many nights out & pizzas….

You will always hit a wall when it comes to training so it’s important to remain open minded and try to incorporate new ideas into both training and nutrition. I decided to add new pieces to my workouts including new circuits where I have pushed myself and feel stronger already! I also have looked into CrossFit which I recommend but am nowhere near an expert in this. I want to continue learning and developing myself as much as possible

This change involved cleaning up my diet, counting macros (sorry to say) and weight lifting. As some of you know I really have gone off cardio and would occasionally go for a run, with a push. I am in the middle of exams but will be putting up a Guide for Beginners which I know a lot of you want info on so I’ll do this ASAP. It will include info on what to eat and how to train. Again, Thank You all for the positive messages and keep checking back for new recipes & tips!


When I first started

Weight Training

When I first joined a gym, I ran 4-5 times a week and thought I could run off a bad meal. I may have stayed the same weight but felt I wasn’t getting out what I had put in. I turned to weight training and my body and mind has changed for life. I no longer ‘dread’ the gym, but almost look forward to feeling strong and healthy. The key to success is realising you can’t out-do a poor diet. No amount of cardio will get you the results you long for. There is no quick fix, but i guarantee weight training will get you the result a hell of a lot quicker.